Open registration for all

I have removed invitation code requirement from the signup process to make it much more easier to give Qjuba shot and play with it. Simply go to signup page and create new account.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Add humand readable error message in singup form validation
  • Fixed checkbox styles


It took much longer than I expected, but I have finally released new version of Qjub. Here is the summary of all the changes.


You can search for tiles from anywhere in the app. So if you are unsure where did you save something. This will help. Search works based on context as well. If you are on a board. Search will by default look for tiles only on this one board. But you can change the search scope to all your boards if you want to. On all other screens search is scoped to all your boards.

So far only your own boards are available in the search. But in the future you will be able to search across all public boards. No matter who created them. This will be enabled once I implement proper board sharing. So for know your public boards are still save (unless someone have a link to it).

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Board outline is visible only on boards with some sections. Previously this caused empty outline to appear on smaller screens.
  • Fix bug which caused backend to refuse some files manually uplaoded from the app, even though they should be uploaded without any problem.


Still working on the search as well. I have done some investigation and preparation and plan to properly dig in the next cycle.

New URL tiles

New look of url tiles - share image is displayed or a first letter of name as a placeholder.

Url tiles were ugly and on large boards with many URL tiles. It was hard to orient in them. This update adds share images to the tiles to make it a little bit easier to identify the correct tile. Web pages without a share image still have generic placeholder consisting of the first letter in the name of the tile. But those placeholders are more polished as well.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Better performance when dragging a tile on large boards (still need to work on it, will be continuous effort).
  • Fix bug preventing tile to be moved to empty section.
  • Fix app error when removing a board section with an empty default section.
  • Some build and deployment updates and fixes (affects me and how fast and easy I can release new stuff).


🎉🎉 Launch of private beta 🎉🎉

Everything is new, since it's first release. But to highlight some features:

  • You can create boards and store URLs, images and text notes there.
  • You can split boards to sections for better organization of stored info.
  • You can sort tiles on board using drag and drop functionality.
  • You can save URLs and images using Extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.