Still working on the search as well. I have done some investigation and preparation and plan to properly dig in the next cycle.

New URL tiles

New look of url tiles - share image is displayed or a first letter of name as a placeholder.

Url tiles were ugly and on large boards with many URL tiles. It was hard to orient in them. This update adds share images to the tiles to make it a little bit easier to identify the correct tile. Web pages without a share image still have generic placeholder consisting of the first letter in the name of the tile. But those placeholders are more polished as well.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Better performance when dragging a tile on large boards (still need to work on it, will be continuous effort).
  • Fix bug preventing tile to be moved to empty section.
  • Fix app error when removing a board section with an empty default section.
  • Some build and deployment updates and fixes (affects me and how fast and easy I can release new stuff).


🎉🎉 Launch of private beta 🎉🎉

Everything is new, since it's first release. But to highlight some features:

  • You can create boards and store URLs, images and text notes there.
  • You can split boards to sections for better organization of stored info.
  • You can sort tiles on board using drag and drop functionality.
  • You can save URLs and images using Extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.